The Causes of Hair Loss

The Causes of Hair Loss

The Causes of Hair Loss can be diverse. Sometimes the hormones are blamed for hair loss, sometimes the genes and sometimes the immune system. Nobody seems to wonder who the hormone system and who confused the immune system so that a hair loss is a result. Our modern way of life and nutrition is not exactly uninvolved. It is it that leads to a disruption of healthy balance on so many levels that hair loss is often just one symptom among many. We present the most important causes of hair loss from a holistic perspective.

Hair loss is a Long-Standing Process

The real cause of hair loss seems to be one of the last unsolved mysteries in medical science. Often many causes are responsible for the hair loss at the same time so that one can speak of a multifactorial event, which also runs in each case differently.

 Officially, The Following The Causes of Hair Loss Come into Question:

  • Possible the Causes of Hair Loss
  • Mental stress such as stress, depression, sadness, worries, etc.
  • Menopause, birth control pills, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances
  • Thyroid problems
  • Medicines (chemotherapeutics, anti-coagulant drugs, beta-blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs, thyroid medications, etc.)
  • Heavy metals or toxins from paints, varnishes, adhesives, solvents, medicines, insecticides, etc.
  • Exposure to poisons from dental fillings such as mercury and palladium (How mercury is discharged, read here)


  • Chemicals in conventional hair care and styling products
  • Infectious and metabolic diseases
  • One-sided diets and much more
If one or more of these points is actually one of the causes of your hair loss, then you should be able to locate it relatively quickly.

Often enough that is not the case. Then the person concerned is given the diagnosis of hereditary or hormonal (androgenic) hair loss.

Although both endocrine disruptors and hereditary factors can concomitantly promote the development of hair loss, it is often not always the fundamental and sole cause of hair loss.

Since the usual diagnoses and traditional medical therapies usually lead to a satisfactory result and people basically cannot be helped in the long term (at least not without the risk of harmful side effects), it is suspected that the usual diagnoses (hereditary hair loss hormonal hair loss, hair loss as an autoimmune disease) may not be complete and correct.

Is The Real Cause of Hair Loss in Many People Possibly in a Completely Different Direction?

The Cause of Hair Loss: Nutrient and Mineral Deficiencies

Many of the mentioned causes of hair loss cause in the organism for a very high nutrient, mineral, and antioxidant wear. However, today's diet cannot even provide the body with the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements it would need to cope with everyday life in a relatively healthy environment.

How should the organism with such a deficient supply of vital materials then also with stress, mental stress, synthetic hormones, drugs, diseases, toxins, etc. cope? It is impossible for him.

Therefore, the real root cause of any hair loss is the serious deficiency and malnutrition, which unfortunately is commonplace today, which is considered perfectly normal and therefore not more than - for the maintenance of health - is recognized inappropriate.

The Cause of Hair Loss: Acidification of the Entire Organism

This widespread deficiency and malnutrition are characterized not only by lack of nutrients and minerals but also by an acidifying effect.

This means that the usual diet is not only low in vital and mineral nutrients, it also pollutes the organism with harmful acid metabolic waste products, which arise during their digestion and metabolism in every single body cell.

The body becomes increasingly acidified. However, chronic hyperacidity leads to a multiplication of the already existing mineral deficiency. At the same time, the usual diet leads to irritation in the digestive system, resulting in a disturbed intestinal flora.

The Cause of Hair Loss: Overloaded Digestive System

However, minerals and trace elements can be absorbed only sparingly from a compromised digestive system. The micronutrient deficiency progresses.

At the same time, a disturbed intestinal flora leads to an equally disturbed or weakened immune system. Immunological hair loss can therefore u. a. have his cause here.

In other words, if the organism were completely supplied with all the nutrients it really needs, it would not be permanently acidified, and if its digestive system was okay, it would be better able to cope with stress and mental stress and the stress would not be (or less) unpleasant symptoms such. B. can cause hair loss.

If there were no chronic nutrient deficiency because the body would be cared for with a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle, then there would be no reasons for taking any medication - and thus no trigger for hair loss in this area.

In the same way, the hormone system basically regulates itself when the body is supplied with everything it needs and, at the same time, it is mainly preserved that puts a strain on it. So many hormone disorders and the associated hair loss by the right way of life could be prevented in advance.
Many of the above-mentioned causes of hair loss and thus also the hair loss itself could thus be excluded or at least mitigated with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Cause of hair loss: The Hereditary Factors

Unfortunately, nutrient and mineral deficiencies are present in many people. The chronic hyperacidity is just as rare as a digestive apparatus in need of rehabilitation.

So it is not surprising that all the suffering associated with it are commonplace today and sometimes nothing at all special, but downright "normal".

At This Point, The Hereditary Factors Come into Play:

Although the entire organism suffers from the described deficiency situation, including hyperacidity and intestinal disorders, not every person reacts to these pathological conditions identically.

Some people have chronic gum problems or painful joint problems, others are susceptible to infections of all kinds and others are confronted with hair loss.

Which illness or which symptom finally overtakes the individual then really depends on his predisposition and his individual weak points.

The Entire Body Suffers

A lack of nutrients and minerals, hyperacidity, and a disturbed intestinal flora naturally burden the entire organism and thus all organs and functions.

The nutrient supplies of the liver are running out, the detoxification capacity of the kidneys are almost exhausted, the pancreas struggles to survive, the intestine is full of deposits and toxins, the blood flows only (with slags) heavily laden with constricted blood vessels and the heart tries with difficulty keep the system groaning at every turn.

The person in question may not notice much of the poor state of his body at first. Here a bit of tiredness, their digestive problems, maybe a little-increased blood pressure, recurrent infections, hormonal imbalances and now just hair loss.

If every illness, every symptom is then simply suppressed only by medication, then man also destroys the self-healing powers of his own body.

The Chance to Turn Back

Therefore, every symptom - whether hair loss or another - should be used as an opportunity to repent. As an opportunity to rid his body of all the accumulated deposits, slags and toxins (before worse things come of it), to provide him now with the best nutrients and minerals and a surplus base diet and to rethink the overall way of life and her in an optimal and to transform a healthy lifestyle.

So if the body is purifying, deacidifying and remineralizing internally and externally, then more than enough nutrients and minerals are left over to provide sufficient support for the hair roots and hair roots so that new and strong hair can finally grow.

Of course, if medications (including hormones) or certain therapies lead to hair loss, then the cause is clear and the matter can be reversed quickly by stopping the medicine in most cases.

At the same time, detoxification and deacidification measures should be carried out to rid the body of the irritating substances as quickly as possible, otherwise, the desired hair regrowth will take longer than necessary.

Treat Hair Loss Holistically

A holistic approach to hair loss involves the entire human being. So it's not just focusing on the problem of hair loss, but on the whole person.

It deacidifies, detoxifies, detoxifies, purifies, mineralizes, builds up the intestinal flora and gives a completely new life energy.

A holistic approach to hair loss, therefore, consists of the following natural measures:
  • Dietary changes
  • Deacidification
  • Remineralization
  • Silicon - THE trace element for hair health
  • Chelated zinc & chelated iron
  • Intestinal rehabilitation and development of the intestinal flora
  • Nettle seeds
  • Basic Hair and Scalp Care the entire holistic hair loss concept is discussed in detail here:
  • Natural remedies for hair loss

How Mineral Deficiency Can Lead to Hair Loss

If now the whole body suffers from nutrient and mineral deficiencies, then, of course, the hair root with nutrients and minerals is completely undersupplied.

The body additionally removes the nutrients and minerals originally present in the hair follicle from there in order to be able to use them elsewhere in more vital places.

Slags in the Scalp Promote Hair Loss

At the same time, slags are incorporated in the hair faces, which have formed as a direct result of an acid-forming and low-mineral nutrition and lifestyle. So the hair roots do not find anything that they need for a healthy thriving, living and growing.

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